About Us

From boutique experiences to million dollar sales, Bob Wasserman has been the driving force behind small business sales for more than 20 years. Mention his name in Chicago and you'll probably hear 'Bob, of course I know Bob – everybody knows Bob!', and they would almost be right. The truth is Bob KNOWS small business! As an infamous networker Bob has leveraged his connections and sales skills to challenge one of the largest pain points experienced by business owners…a need for more sales!

Bob's experiences spans not only creating significant sales pipelines and closings but also creating and marketing products, hiring and fostering sales teams and last but not least being a business owner himself. Through his experiences in successful and not so successful sales structures, Bob has created a powerful system of lead generation and sales closing that can pull small businesses out of their slump and empower them to achieve higher levels of success while they can rely on the money that is coming in!

Sales with Power is a manifestation of a lifetime full of sales lessons and success. The answer to most of the challenges that plague small businesses is more cash flow. But how do you get there? And on your way how do you manage the rest of the business? Sales with Power and their flagship service Hire a Bob will allow you to infuse your business with the surge of new clients that you need to accelerate your growth, define successful sales processes and implement long term solutions that will move you from struggling entrepreneur to successful business owner. Call today to find your very own Sales Bob – because the future of your business depends on the clients that you don't have yet!